Bill is a meditation expert, spiritual teacher, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, professional coach, best-selling author, and developer of Experiential Meditation (Meditation In Action). 

My formal training was in electronics engineering, a field I abandoned after a certain “spiritual awakening” experience led me to an intense, 30-year study of human potential development. I researched comparative religion, philosophy and psychology with Eastern and Western teachers, gurus and mystics worldwide, and learned that what I’d discovered and directly experienced, was the law of detachment — one of the best definitions of meditation. 

It happened in 1976, quite accidentally and dramatically. I was a young electronics prodigy working at Lab for Electronics in Natick, Massachusetts, on a secret, aircraft navigation system for the U.S. Air Force. My job was to design an integrated circuit through which high frequency radio waves could pass with minimal resistance.

I succeeded in designing a perfectly “balanced” circuit in which the friction or resistance was virtually immeasurable. The circuit was, in effect, invisible, allowing radio waves to flow at maximum efficiency. I then saw a correlation between this phenomenon and how the mind works: In a balanced circuit there’s no resistance; in a balanced mind there must also be no resistance, no blockage, no limitation. Mind, body and spirit must connect, unify, integrate.

With this revelation, my awareness spontaneously “detached” from the thoughts, feelings and activities that I was aware of. I drew back to a position of being neutral or centered – between my personal self and my aware or “spiritual” self. This backward movement extricated my awareness from its entanglement with the lower mental, emotional and sensual faculties — the personal faculties. 

I became both a witness to life and a participant at the same time. I was at once on the outside looking in and the inside looking out. I could see people, places and situations as they really are rather than as I thought, felt or believed they are.

I experienced the definition of blissful reality to be – that which exists before we personalize it. In other words, I saw that the whole secret of a successful and fulfilling life is to not take anything whatsoever personally, and is achieved by keeping a mirror-like distance from all internal and external experience.

This unprecedented ability to see from a distance was a virtual heaven-on-earth experience – too wonderful for words to describe; so joyful, enlightening and empowering, that all the rest of life became worthless in comparison, and I’ve devoted my life to the continued study, practice and teaching of it.