Transforming Boredom To Creative Power

bored girl One person’s boredom is another’s serenity. One can be suicidal, the other, heavenly. The difference is one of attitude or acceptance. Accepting life as it is — on life’s terms not personal terms. That’s the operative principle here.

The “terms” of life can be boring to the unenlightened who can’t see beyond them. Carl Sagan spoke of the benignity of the universe, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. So, what would make a benign universe a fascinating one?

The answer lies in the revelation that the universe is the way it is because that’s the way it is. You know that benignity is the way life is in its essence, so you really have no choice but to accept it. Immediately upon total acceptance, however, you realize that acceptance is not at all surrender, but the prerequisite attitude to creative power.

Acceptance means you’ve finally gotten “it.” But it doesn’t end there. Waking up to this great fact is just the beginning. Now you have this benign lump of universal clay and realize that’s its seeming nothingness is exactly the thing that gives it its tremendous potential. — You can make anything out of it that you want! The possibilities are endless. Now that’s fascinating.

Or, you don’t have to do anything about it. You can just relish it as it is — as infinite potential and leave it at that. And this is the essence of serene enlightenment — that you can know the truth of a thing and don’t have to do or say anything about it. The simple truth in and of itself is the exciting, blissful thing.

Your choice to create something out of this “nothingness” is just icing on the cake. For example, when someone asks “How are you?” You can answer, “Fine. Thank you.” Or, you could say something like, “How do you think I am?” Or, “How would you like me to be?” See the difference? One answer closes the door; the other has infinite possibilities for creative development.





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