How The Mind/Body Connection Prevents Stress

Are you stressfully caught up in the world or serenely above it all? Stress indicates a misunderstanding of how the mind works. It indicates an incorrect relationship with whatever you’re thinking, feeling, sensing or doing — all the faculties of your unique personality. The problem is that everyone else in the world is just as unique as you, and sometimes your uniqueness clashes or conflicts with theirs! What to do? Well you could simply kill anyone who disagrees with you — but we’ve learned from Forensic Files that it’s not that simple. You could kill yourself, but that would be using a permanent solution to fix a temporary problem. Short of murder or suicide, there are many ways to resolve conflict with others and within yourself, but most are short lived because they deal with the stress symptom rather than the cause. Medicine and psychiatry are of little help. If a pill or scalpel doesn’t fix it — they are lost. You’re going to have to do it yourself — and it’s an inside job.

Here’s the knowledge and method: The first and last thing to understand about stress is that it’s caused by your taking life personally! You’re erroneously experiencing life from a personally-biased perspective instead of a neutral one. Your uniqueness can make you a very interesting personality — but you are more than just a personality. That’s just the “body” part of you.

You also have a “mind” part. The mind part is your aware or “spiritual” part. The part that’s aware and in control of what your personality is thinking, feeling, sensing and doing while it’s doing them. –Two separate and distinct entities working together as one. And here’s the key: To the degree those two entities are kept separate from each other, stress is not possible!

Here’s how the relationship works when it’s working correctly: Your body self is personal; your aware self is impersonal. Your aware self relates to your personal self as if the personal self were totally separate from the world. Your aware self is as if totally oblivious to the fact that you’re in the world at all. Your aware self treats mental, emotional, sensual and physical activity as if they were totally autonomous. It treats them solely in and of themselves – without any external or further context at all. Thoughts are just thoughts. Feelings are just feelings. Sensations, just sensations. Movement, just movement.

There are no whys or wherefores. No reasoning, evaluation, opinion or commentary at all. No “personal” considerations whatsoever. The awareness knows things simply and exactly as they are — just like a mirror! The method and mindset, then, is to simply keep a mirror-like distance from all you see, hear, think, feel and do — all the time, to the best of your ability. It’s amazing!

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