How To Treat Random Thought That’s Really Not

images head puzzleAs life happens, so does random thought which comes and goes like static electricity or the wind. And though we’ve little to no control of their arising, we can adjust our sails accordingly. We can discern whether or not a given thought is worthy of retaining or dropping based on the intelligence, wisdom or usefulness it contains. Keep it or let it go? That’s always the question.

Is a given thought significant or related in any way to anything we’re being or doing in life right now? We do have to be efficient if we’re going to be effective, don’t we. Thousands of thoughts stream across the desk of our mind every day that have to be processed. We can never ignore them because in the pack there’s always a gem. That’s how gems travel – not fully exposed but surrounded by protective rocks – like wheat is protected by the chaff.

Gems never – or rarely come fully exposed – proclaiming “Hey, here I am – the thought that’s going to change your whole day, your whole business plan, your whole relationship, your whole game, your whole life!”

It doesn’t work that way. Pearls don’t come in bunches like grapes; they come alone and when least expected. That’s why we have to be always prepared and receptive to them. Why we must remain rooted in the present moment, because they can never come in the past or the future. Why our awareness must remain separately and distinctively aware even as we’re living.

Just as we have to live and breathe at the same time, so we have to live and be aware at the same time. Always separate and always alert. As the speaker is speaking, the awareness is being aware. Think of the unobtrusive security guards surrounding the president.

The decision of whether to retain or drop a thought is not a casual one. It has immense significance and ramifications. All retained thought, whether good or bad, true or false, has been internalized into the subconscious part of the mind and has become a working part of your operating system.

If we internalize a negative thought, that thought, in effect, now becomes “the truth” and will color or taint everything we see, hear, think, feel and do — from that moment on. It’s very subtle. It negatively affects our clarity of perception — and we don’t have a clue why because it’s now below the level of awareness. 

The simple principle or rule of thumb is this: if a thought is negative in any way whatsoever, hang up on it immediately! The longer you indulge it the more likely you will buy it, internalize it and make it an integral part of  your personality.   

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