Turn Your Problems Over To Your Subconscious Mind

‘Have a big exam, appointment, game or lawsuit coming up? Having a work, health or relationship problem? A creative block? Depressed? Angry? Lonely? Bored? No problem at all. Just turn it over to the part of you that knows all the answers and has all the power — your Universal Subconscious Mind! 

Don’t let the initial caps intimidate you. This is not “new age” or mystical. You don’t need to be a saint, yogi or advanced meditation practitioner for it to work. You don’t even have to believe it for it to work. All you have to do is have an open mind and just do it.

Okay, it will take a little humility as well. You have to admit that you, personally, don’t really know it all, and that there is indeed a higher intelligence operating in your life you weren’t fully aware of. An intelligence that’s been supporting and controlling you all along when you erroneously thought it was your personal self alone in control.

Obvious examples of this Subconscious Intelligence at work behind the scenes is when — even when sleeping, it keeps you breathing, digests your food, heals your wounds, keeps heart rate, blood pressure and all systems within healthy parameters.

Just as it keeps you in balance physically, it also keeps you balanced and integrated mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You think, feel and perceive better — which puts you in total control of yourself and ever ready for creative and successful action. 

Your weaknesses and limitations stem from the false concept that you are alone. That you are a power of one. You can’t solve any difficulty alone. It just seems that way. When you do eventually solve the problem, it’s only because you inadvertently or unconsciously consulted with your Universal Subconscious Mind. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do it consciously? Imagine all the time and stressful trial and error and loss of peace of mind you’d save?

All the intelligence in the universe is located in the subconscious mind. This shouldn’t be too hard to fathom nowadays when you think of all the millions of bits of information that are stored in a single computer chip smaller than your fingernail! The answer to any difficulty you may have, of any name or nature, from here to eternity, is also located there. 

How to turn it over? The entrance to and exit from the Universal Subconscious Mind (God, if you will) is located at the pineal gland between your eyebrows (the “third eye,” if you will). Fix your attention there when articulating your question or problem, then fix it there for the answer as well — which will come in due course to the degree you’ve faithfully and completely surrendered it.  


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